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카카오톡 필고 친구 맺기.
한국에서 수배중인 김병곤(43세)씨가 세부에서 붙잡혔습니다.


Wanted South Korean nabbed in Cebu City

A 43-year-old South Korean who is wanted for criminal charges in his country has been arrested here.
Kim Byunggon was in a condominium in Barangay Apas when he was arrested by operatives of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG)-Lapu-Lapu Field Unit, Bureau of Immigration (BI), and the Korea National Police Agency.

Police Master Sgt. Eriberto Dacalos, chief of the CIDG Lapu-Lapu Field Unit, said South Korean authorities have been hunting Byunggon for fraud.

Dacalos said Byunggon was accused of siphoning off around 200 million won, roughly P10 million, from his victims.

“In the Philippines, it’s large-scale estafa. He has a standing warrant of arrest in South Korea which was issued last May 21, 2021,” said Dacalos.

Dacalos added that the South Korean government, through their National Police Agency, coordinated with BI upon receiving information of the man’s whereabouts in Cebu.

Dacalos said the South Korean claimed that he was just implicated in the charges and that there were several people involved in the crime.
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